Carnegie Council for Ethics in Int Affairs on “Big Data”

CceiaOver the last months, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has produced two audio broadcasts on the advantages and challenges of the use of Big Data. One broadcast looks at Big Data’s “bright side”, and how it can help inform decision making. The second part looks at Big Data’s dark side, the permanence of the past, and the challenge of an ever more predicted future. Both feature interviews with a number of Big Data experts, including Professor Mayer-Schönberger, are free to listen to, and can also be found on Stitcher.

Big Data’s potential dark side in education

THETimes Higher Education (THE) sat down in December 2013 with Professor Mayer-Schönberger in preparation for ONLINE EDUCA 2013 in Berlin, Europe’s largest meeting of digital learning experts, to discuss the role of Big Data in education, and its potential dark sides. In the interview, Professor Mayer-Schönberger warned of probabilistic predictions being used to filter and select students rather than to improve the context in which they learn, suggesting that this would be a dystopian future for education.

“illuminating and timely”

nytlogo152x23Michiko Kakutani, one of the publishing world’s most respected book reviewer, has read “Big Data” , the new bestselling book by Professor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier, and really liked it. In her erudite and comprehensive review published in the New York Times, on June 10, 2013, she writes that with big data the nature of surveillance has changed, pointing to one of the fundamental dark sides of big data that “Big Data” talked about.