Technology & Politics

EconomistIn its latest Special Report, The Economist tackles the interplay between technology and politics. In previous US presidential election years, much has been made of the supposedly leveling and rebalancing effect of the Internet: from the ability to fund a grass-roots campaign without the need for “big money” to the utilization of Big Data to customize political messaging and to enhance “get out the vote” (GOTV) activities. In the context of the 2016 US presidential elections, lead author Ludwig Siegele takes another, more thorough look and arrives at a much more nuanced conclusion. He leads into the story with a quote from professor Mayer-Schönberger, who already more than 15 years ago Information Power that has stood the test of time fairly well.

“Where the geeks go”

EconomistThis week, the Economist wrote about the select workshops and meetings of the elite of Internet geeks, and what they discuss. Prominently featured is the Oxford Digital Data Dialogue (OD3), an initiative started by Professor Mayer-Schönberger, to bring together a select group of geeks working on Big Data and discuss pressing policy issues in the data-driven economy. The write-up also mentions the Oxford Internet Institute’s ten year ceremony which the OD3 participants attended as well.