Big Data is fundamental

lespressoAn interview in October 2014 on the central importance of Big Data, the role of large data holders such as Google, and the right to be forgotten, with Professor Mayer-Schönberger was published in the Italian journal l’espresso with the knowledgable Antonio Rossano (in Italian). Mayer-Schönberger was in Naples, Italy, to speak at the 2014 Future Forum on the role of Big Data to change our perspective on reality.

What exactly is the “right to be forgotten”?

TheguardianAfter the European Court of Justice’s decision to reaffirm the “right to be forgotten” in its decision against Google, many around the world have felt the need to comment. Some have gone as far as predicting wide-ranging censorship, or the end of free speech. Humbug, says Professor Mayer-Schönberger, whose book “Delete” provided one of the first comprehensive arguments in favor of digital forgetting, and explains in an op-ed (“Omission of search results is not a ‘right to be forgotten’ or the end of Google”) in the GUARDIAN why the European Court of Justice decision is not instituting a true “right to be forgotten”, nor does it spell the end of Google.